Happy Holidays from Dignity Period!

By December 6, 2016Stories

First, a huge thank you to all our donors this year! Because of you, more than 7,000 girls in Ethiopia can attend school without fear of accidents or shame, and 7,000 more boys in Ethiopia are learning how to be better friends, brothers, and future husbands and fathers to the girls and women around them.

Give dignity to a school: $1250 Give that special someone a grade-A gift. Your gift ensures pads for girls and educational materials on menstruation for all the classes of an entire grade for one year.

Photo: Joni Kabana


This December, there are four ways you can support our work.

1. Save yourself the holiday shopping headache, and give your friends and family the opportunity to change girls’ lives for the better!

Give education: $25 

A little education has a big impact! Your gift of $25 can provide 25 educational booklets for boys and girls in Ethiopia.

Give dignity to girls: $48

Periods should end sentences, not education. Your gift can give pads and educational materials on menstruation for a dozen girls in Ethiopia for one year.

Give dignity to a classroom: $250 

You’re a class act! Your gift can provide pads for a classroom of 25 girls, as well as educational materials on menstruation for boys and girls, for one year.

Give dignity to an entire grade level: $1250

Give that special someone a grade-A gift. Your gift can ensure pads for girls and educational materials on menstruation for all the classes of an entire grade for one year.

*Our Promise – These gifts are examples of our work. Funds from symbolic gifts will be used to bring pads, education, and dignity to girls and their communities in rural Ethiopia.

2. Host a party for dignity.

Julie and her husband at the 2016 Spring Gala

Julie and her husband at the 2016 Spring Gala

Planning a party is a great way to spread the word about our work, raise money to support girls in Ethiopia, and have fun! We have even developed this handy how-to guide to help.

Dignity Period friend and donor Julie Hake is excited to host a party in early 2017. Julie was introduced to Dignity Period as board president, Lewis Wall’s nurse at the urogynecology unit at Washington University in St. Louis. She began volunteering with us in 2014 and has been on the planning committee for both annual galas. Here’s Julie on how she got involved in co-hosting an event:

“I decided to host an event after a friend and I were having lunch and started brainstorming ideas on how we could raise money for Dignity Period.  We felt getting a group of ladies together in a home setting would be a fun way to help spread the word. 

There are a lot of parties over the holidays, so we plan on having our DP party after the holidays, but before the Gala so we can use the event to also encourage people to attend that amazing event and learn even more.”

3. Give like a period – monthly.   

img_0396You may not have the resources to give large gifts, but nearly everyone can afford to forgo a few Starbucks lattes to give $10, $25, or $50 per month. These gifts add up to big impact for girls.

We value our “monthly gifts” from donors like Christine Rohloff. Christine works as a federally qualified health worker who gets people who are under- or uninsured in St. Louis the health services they need. She supports Dignity Period because she believes keeping girls in school is important: “If we educate women and girls the world is a better place in a lot of ways. Educated women have healthier children, earn more money, and are able to lead more productive lives.”

“Monthly giving is easy. I set up the payment with my bank and it is automatically withdrawn on whatever day I choose.  I don’t have a ton to give, but donating monthly allows me to give more over the course of the year than I would be able to at any one time.”


4. Give a gift now before the end of the year in any way you choose. It is the giving season, after all!  With your help, we can reach even more girls in the coming year with menstrual hygiene supplies and education.