Photo credit: Joni Kabana

Adolescent girls in the rural regions of Ethiopia receive little to no education about menstrual health. Boys get even less.

The vast majority of young girls around the world experience their first menstrual periods without truly understanding what they are, why they happen, and how to deal with them.  We know this to be true in the United States; it is even truer in Ethiopia, where talking about menstruation is taboo. This leads to many persistent misconceptions.  A major goal of Dignity Period is enter the broader cultural conversation about menstruation so that we can improve how it is viewed and managed.

Using our research findings and working with experts at Mekelle University, we developed and introduced culturally appropriate educational materials that combat false beliefs and deeply-rooted but myths about menstruation, with the goal of providing dignity for girls in Ethiopia, period.

We are bringing education by:

  • Developing age-appropriate educational materials about menstruation and menstrual hygiene practices that can be introduced into the school system.
  • Exploring how we might produce a menstrual hygiene education film in the local language that could be used throughout the region.